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In order to exercise the power of thriving,
we need to create and steward networks
of affection. - don Manuel Quispe

When we show up and participate, the Universe
reciprocates our presence with the abundant
power of wholeness, and the experience of
membership in the community of life. - don Manuel Quispe


The ARI Community

Meet the ARI Board members and staff, and the indigenous masters who honor us with their support and teachings.

The ARI Board of Directors

All of our board members are initiated as mesa carriers in the Andean Traditions.

Chairman of the Board

José Luis is the founder and chair of ARI. Our visionary, international ambassador, and beloved teacher, he directs ARI in its mission to keep the Andean shamanic traditions alive and to lead ARI in actions of gratitude to benefit the indigenous people of Peru.

President of the Board

Trained in psychology and world religions, a fundraising executive for 30 years, and a professional leadership consultant, I was initiated into the rich traditions of Andean shamanism. Tim’s ARI mission is to help sustain the wisdom of these traditions for the benefit of our planet and future generations.

Communications Director

Marti contributes her professional experience as a graphic designer, writer, and shamanic mentor to the coordination of all aspects of ARI communications. This includes the website, blogs, and ARI’s social media networks.

Affiliates Director

A networker par excellence, Carol supports ARI affiliate communities (ayllus) by connecting them with one another, as well as with ARI programs in Peru. She also supports their fundraising functions and identifies ways that connections can be made stronger in ARI’s community membership.

Volunteer Director

Tatjana recruits and qualifies volunteers who wish to support ARI programs in Maras, Peru. She matches qualifications and areas of interest with volunteer programs ARI has established for Maras and surrounding communities.

Fundraising Advisor

With extraordinary artistic skills, Carol brings her vision and wisdom to ARI’s fundraising efforts. She guides our organization in applying the core principles of sufficiency, ayni, and minka to all of ARI’s donor relationships and funding events.

Medical Director

Emily is in charge of coordinating ARI’s resources for bringing medical and dental services to Maras. This includes working with existing services in Peru and supplementing or developing them to best serve the residents of Maras and nearby villages.

Director at Large

David’s experience as a negotiator and consultant in the oil and gas industry has gifted him great insights about the ways we can rebuild our relationship to the earth, its people, and its resources. David brings the strength of his insights to ARI’s vision – to preserve indigenous cultures and their lands, and revitalize modern life by applying the core principles of the Andean teachings to modern challenges.

Director at Large

A veteran of several international non-profit organizations, Rebecca teaches family practice in a county hospital. She brings her considerable experience practicing medicine in indigenous communities to the development of ARI’s medical programs.

Director at Large

Shamanic visionary, stakeholder liaison, community networker with a love and passion for sharing Earth based traditions in support of the village and the collective.

The ARI Staff in Peru

  • Ita Antonieta Choque Rojas | Operations Co-Manager
  • Martín Herrera Zans | Operations Co-Manager
  • Elizabeth Mamani | Project Coordinator, Maras
  • Juan Condori | ARI Site Manager, Maras
  • Tito Nuñez | ARI Board Advisor, Cusco

The Andean Masters

  • Francisco Apaza, Q'eros
  • Sebastian Paucar, Markachea, Q'eros
  • Hilario Huallpayunca, Mawaypampa, Maras
  • Adriel Garay, Vilcabamba
  • Bernardina Catari, Lake Titikaka
  • Alejandrina Escalante, Cusco
  • Juan Fernandez, Quillabamba
  • Asunta Quispe, Q'eros
  • Nazario Quispe, Q'eros
  • Armando Salvatierra, Ayacucho
  • Maria Apaza, Kiko, Q'eros
  • Maximo Nina, Amantaní, Lake Titikaka
  • Pascual Apaza Flores, Q'eros
  • Hilaria Mojonero, Wasao, Cusco
  • Gregoriana Illa Mojonero, Mayaypampa, Maras
  • Vicente Calcin, Amantaní, Lake Titikaka
  • Ignacio Duri, Tambopata, Amazon

Special Thanks!

The ARI Board extends a special thank you to Philip Safarik, videographer and photographer, for his generous donation of time and talent in creating a visual record of our work in Peru. You’ll soon see Philip’s beautiful video’s on our new website, and we’re indebted to him for many of the still shots that comprise the slide shows on these pages. You can see more of Philip’s work at www.jantrafilms.com