At this stage in time, to make a difference in our lives, we need to retrieve our collective identity. Through this doorway the possibilities are endless.

don Manuel Quispe - Q’ero Elder and former leader of the Q’ero Nation

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The Andean Research Institute

The Andean Research Institute [ARI] exists
to support the Andean and Amazon cultures
and the wisdom keepers who have been
gifting us their extraordinary knowledge for
decades. Theirs is the wisdom of abundant
life and well-being. It is the wisdom that
generates collective action fueled by
collective vision and love; this kind of action
always produces nourishment and fulfillment
for existing generations and for all those to

It is for our future that we must remember
these wisdom keepers stand behind us,
supporting us in tending our world. In turn,
in minka [abundance-producing relationship
at collective levels], we must support them
and their children.

Join us at ARI in this
     great meeting of cultures.


ARI in the quechua language means YES!

Join us in a resounding ‘yes’ to a bright future for a
thriving, collective world, one that flourishes because
we have done our jobs in carrying the priceless
knowledge of these cultures forward.

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