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ARI in the quechua language means YES!

Join us in a resounding ‘yes’ to a bright future for a thriving, collective world, one that flourishes because we have done our jobs in carrying the priceless knowledge of these cultures forward.

We must find a new balance between how much we ask and how much we give. With the right balance every action we take will be infused with collective love and power. – don Hilario Huallpayunca

We are being asked by the elders of the South American traditions to be courageous – to lead the way in remembering what our inner indigenous soul has always known, that if we can see it, we can create it. Join us in manifesting a new collective vision for global thriving.


ARI: A New Vision for the World

Why ARI supports these cultures and works to maintain the fabric of their knowledge.

The geography of the Andes and the Amazon Basin is home to a wide range of ‘valley nations’ – a diverse collection of cultures, each with its unique knowledge, societal organizations, and medicines, yet together holding in all communities – human, animal, plant, oceanic a collective vision of the earth, the cosmos, and our place in the beautiful mystery of life. In spite of the incursion of western monetary and societal influences, these cultural nations have to some degree kept their traditions alive. In spite of modern roads that cut through ancestral lands from the highlands to the Amazon, the vital connection these cultures hold to the land is alive – it is essential to their well being, and it is a connection we must learn and nurture in modern cultures.

The wisdom of the South American cultures is living wisdom that must be shared and applied for the purpose of evolving our world. Without our willingness to learn and participate, this great body of human knowledge will be lost.

A Cultural Renaissance

Currently there is a renaissance of the South American traditions. Increasingly, Western people come to study with the elders of these traditions, learn their cosmology, and strive to live in the same deep connection to the land and nature that these people have mastered.

The Q’ero are perhaps the best known of the cultural nations, but there are many others, from the San Pedro healers and seers in the North, to the kayawaya, the traveling doctors of Apalobamba in the Puno region, to the highly sophisticated medicine shamans of the Amazon jungle. In addition to the human diversity that is offered, the biodiversity of the vast Amazon region and the knowledge of creation and consciousness are held in the sacred sites of the highlands.

Modern Forces in an Indigenous World

The work of the Andean Research Institute is to support all the lineages – to inventory the knowledge, to research and assist in calling forth indigenous wisdom before it is lost, and to revive the traditions that are at the edges of memory as well as support the great medicine traditions we are familiar with. Because the world is rapidly becoming more connected there is a gradual merging of traditions. We have a responsibility to help the original cultures maintain their wisdom, even as new things emerge for them. If all the pixels in a digital image turn the same color, there will be no image at all.

Around the world we can see the changes that modern life is forcing on traditional cultures. How do we as modern students of these traditions want to be seen? How do we participate in giving voice to this priceless wisdom? These cultures challenge us to accept their call to higher states of consciousness in which differences in all communities are embraced and valued. Our job is not just to preserve – our job is to use this wisdom to grow the world we live in today, to give this knowledge a wider range of application, and with it, to create intelligent, collectively beneficial solutions to our challenges that would otherwise not be possible.

The Vision of Don Manuel Quispe

Don Manuel Quispe, leader of the Q’ero nation for many years, realized in his lifetime that the medicine people of his lineage would not survive. So he took a step that only visionaries take – he offered his tradition to Western people to carry forward. He challenged us to be the new Q’ero and to give voice to the great medicine traditions, to articulate the wisdom for the modern world and model its application to modern life. What has always been known in indigenous cultures is that the experiential wisdom base is comprised of great principles – principles of consciousness, principles of creation and the cycles of life. These principles do not change over the course of evolution; rather it is their application that evolves. We are challenged now to apply this great wisdom to the creation of a new vision and a new cosmology for a new collective – a global community attempting to thrive in a fast changing world.

Living the Vision

The members of the Andean Research Institute are all students and masters of these great South American traditions. We have been trained and initiated and have decades of experience working in close relationship with the masters of these traditions. We are becoming the bridges, actively bringing the wisdom of these traditions out into the world.

We ask you to join us in creating a new vision for the world. We are being asked by the elders of the South American traditions to be courageous – to lead the way in remembering what our inner indigenous soul has always known, that if we can see it, we can create it. But this time it must be for the collective. Say ARI and join us in this amazing journey.