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You are stronger when you work together.
- Teaching from the Andean Masters

Now is the time for us to craft new ways to live collectively; now is the time don Manuel Quispe called the big turning point, a time for the cross-pollination with our love, our knowledge, and our creative actions. Join us at ARI in this great moment, bridging cultures for a better future.


Volunteer with ARI

ARI believes volunteering is a deep and meaningful way to experience a country and its people, and a fulfillment of giving back in service. If you are interested in volunteering for an organization that values healing, cultural and environmental preservation, and appreciates your contributions, then ARI is interested in you. When you are accepted as a volunteer, you will be gifted the unique experience of working side by side with one of the world's most ancient and unique cultures.

See Working with ARI for our program descriptions.

For more information, contact ARI Board Member Tatjana Jakob at rainbowmesa@gmail.com or email us at volunteers@andeaninstitute.org.

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application!

Or, download a PDF

ARI in the quechua language means YES!

Join us in a resounding ‘yes’ to a bright future for a thriving, collective world, one that flourishes because we have done our jobs in carrying the priceless knowledge of these cultures forward.