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The closer you are to Pachamama [Mother Earth] the better off you are. – don Manuel Quispe

The exercise of gratitude is a constant and necessary exchange that keeps the world healthy and evolving. – doña Alejandrina Escalante


Women’s Empowerment

Revitalizing the role of women in the modern world through the timeless teachings of Pachamama.

One of the most powerful themes in the Andean traditions is the leading role of the feminine in guiding the processes of change and creation, and in stewarding the flow of collective well-being and fulfillment. Women are intended to take leadership roles in these arenas, yet in the world today, where modern society is driven by desires for profit and ownership, this priceless knowledge of the true role of the feminine has been all but lost. However, it is still alive in the lineages of the Andes, and we are being asked to embody this wisdom again for the betterment of our modern world.

An Invitation from the Women Masters of the Andes

The women masters in the Andean traditions are asking to work with us, to teach us and initiate us into the wisdom-base of creation, the ways of stewarding collective well-being, and the deep skills required to use the energies of global change as we take the lead in creating higher levels of abundance for everyone.

Initiation, Training, and Practice in the Andean
Feminine Traditions

ARI has responded to their requests by creating the Women’s Empowerment Training series. Training groups are formed once a year and are led by an ARI-qualified facilitator. Each group begins its work with experiential learning and initiation with the women masters in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. The focus is on embodying the indigenous knowledge of the Andean traditions and putting it to work immediately in practical applications, both in Peru with our women’s programs, and at home in arenas where each group member has influence and expertise – whether it’s social, financial, professional, or governmental. Each group commits to one year of follow work, through practice in their home cities and group discussion to further develop what they’ve learned, embodied, created, and put into practice.

Be Part of the ARI Vision

Our vision is to create a global population of female leaders, trained by these Peruvian Masters in the wisdom of the feminine, and empowered to take the lead at home to help carry modern cultures to higher, more fulfilled states of living and relating. This empowerment in turn helps sustain this profound wisdom-base of the feminine, and insures the continuity of abundance it generates through successive cycles of collective change and growth that are a natural part of life.

To sign up for a Women’s Empowerment group, please contact the ARI office at info@andeaninstitute.org

ARI in the quechua language means YES!

Join us in a resounding ‘yes’ to a bright future for a thriving, collective world, one that flourishes because we have done our jobs in carrying the priceless knowledge of these cultures forward.